Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Age Old Issue of the Hanging Tissue Leaves Couple In A Marital Muddle

Dear Tazi-Kat:

I saw your page header, and you are right – I have not known where to turn with my problem since Ann Landers died, so here it goes: Which way should the toilet paper roll hang, over or under?  Ms. Landers often discussed this matter, but I was just a kid back then and didn’t pay any attention.  Now that I am grown and married I find myself wishing I had paid more attention to her answer, because my husband and I are having the same problem.  What say you, Tazi-Kat?

Tissue Issues  

Dear Tissue Issues: 

As a creature of the feline persuasion, I am absolutely fascinated by tissue mechanisms.  I love how they pop up from the perfectly square box in individual pieces, and if I had opposable thumbs I would probably spend the hours between my naps pulling them from the box one by one.  Since I do not have opposable thumbs, I have to settle for playing with the magic tissue roller in the bathroom.  On days when the tissue is placed going over the top, I can pull on it, and play with such glee that sometimes I don’t stop until I have pulled the entire roll right off of its core!  Other days, the magic tissue roller has the paper placed going under, to the backside, and try as I might I just can’t get a good tug going!  It always rips!

Until your letter, I did not realize that you could choose which way the tissue could hang!  On behalf of playful kitties and puppies everywhere, I beg you to put the tissue over the top!  If, however, you are like my Mommie and do not enjoy cleaning up the messes that I (and sometimes young children) make while playing around the house, then under the roller is the way the paper should hang.


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