Monday, October 10, 2011

Local Celebrity Craves Former Anonymity

Dear Tazi-Kat:

A few years ago now, I was a contestant on a fairly popular reality show. Although I enjoyed the experience, it has left me with the problem of being a almost famous - recognizable enough that people stare at me and follow me around in public, as if they are trying to figure out who I am, but not so recognizable that I have people approaching me and asking for my autograph all of the time.

Tazi-Kat, I want my privacy back! I want to be able to walk into Wal-Mart without having people following me through the aisles. Any suggestions on how to go about blending into the crowd?

Looks Familiar

Dear Looks Familiar:

If you are serious about wanting the spotlight completely off of you, here are a few simple tips to try:

1) Dark sunglasses. Wearing them can shield your face from view and block out your eyes. Facial expressions are very recognizable, and generally involve the eyes.

2) Headwear. A hat, a bandana, or a different hairstyle can completely change your look, which would deflect some or the prying stares.

3) Direct Contact: If you see someone staring at you or following you, speak to them directly, asking them why they seem to be following you. Most will deny their behavior and not bother you again; others will be just as direct and ask if you are who they think you are. Either way, it takes care of the unnerving, mildly stalker-ish behavior.

Taken together, these three tips should cut down on the number of fan-interactions you experience; which will be either a relief or a dissapointment - depending on whether or not you really do want to return to being just a face in the crowd.


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