Friday, November 4, 2011

There Are Some Problems That Only A Cat Can Solve!

Dear Tazi-Kat:

I have a problem with my cat, so I thought I would write to you – a cat yourself – for advice on how to solve it. Just like me, my “Esmeralda”, a long-haired Persian, has a passion for fleece microfiber blankets. I keep one on my bed, on my sofa, in my favorite reclining chair, in addition to the spare fleece microfiber blankets I keep in the closet. It does not matter where I have them placed in the house (or in the closet), Esmeralda will curl up on them and go to sleep. I love that she finds them so comfortable - I want nothing but the best for her - but this leads to the problem of cat hair all over my blankets. I brush her daily, but it seems that her fur sticks to the fleece like a magnet.

I used to just wash the blankets; but recently had to pay a fortune to repair my washer and dryer, which had both been damaged due to the build-up of Esmeralda’s fur. I have tried purchasing acrylic and cotton blankets; but she hates those, and I can see why! They just aren't as soft and cozy as fleece microfiber. Tazi-Kat, do you have any advice on how to solve this problem to my satisfaction – and Esmeralda’s?

Esmeralda’s Mommie

Dear Esmeralda’s Mommie:

How wonderful of you to spoil your precious kitty-cat with soft fuzzy blankies! People like you make me purr! I can understand why your Esmeralda prefers the softness of fleece microfiber over the scratchiness of acrylic, and I can also understand why she would want to lay claim to such luxury; especially since - from her point-of-view - they are left laying all over the house in kitty-friendly areas. In her defense, she probably thinks you have placed the blankets just for her, in order to prevent pet-stains on the furniture.

A way to solve this problem would be to purchase a few fleece microfiber blankets specifically for Esmeralda’s use. Place the blankets in her favorite napping spots – under a low table, on top of the refrigerator, in the sunny spot on your bed, or wherever it is she feels safe curling up to take a nap. Once placed, you can sprinkle the blankets with a generous dose of catnip to attract her to them and she will soon make the connection that these blankets are her blankets.

Should you continue to catch her napping on your blankets, gently remove her and place her onto one of her nearby blankets and she will eventually get the message that the new blankets are not an addition to the blanket collection you have been sharing, but the blankets that she is to use from this point forward. If she still does not get the message, you can try this gentle, non-toxic cat repellant: spray your blankets with lavendar-scented Febreeze or wash them in lavender scented detergent. Lavender is a scent that many humans find relaxing, but one that we cats find repulsive.


P.S. I hope you do not have to resort to the lavender solution! Miss Esmeralda will probably not want to cuddle with you if you are wrapped in a lavender scented blanket!

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