Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Foster Child Asks Judge For A Forever Family

Dear Tazi-Kat:

My name is Jamal, and I am 8 years old. I live in foster care, because my real Mom and Dad could not take good care of me. I have been with the family I live with now since I was 6. They have a Mom and a Dad, and brothers and sisters and a PUPPY! I am really happy living here, and would like to stay FOREVER. I asked my foster Mom and Dad if I could, and they told me that they would like that but it is up to the judge to decide what is best for me. I think living where I am now is what is best for me, and I want to tell him that but I am afraid it would hurt my real Mom's feelings. I don't want to do that, but I don't want to go back to live with her, either. I want to stay where I am, and maybe she could visit with me like she used to sometimes, before she stopped coming to visit me.

I am going to ask Santa Claus if he can make my foster home my real home, because Santa can do anything! My foster Mom is helping me write to him, and I wanted to write this letter to you too, so we can print it out and show the judge when we go to Family Court in January. My foster Dad says that whatever people put on the Internet is there forever for everyone to see so we have to be careful what we write, but I want everyone to know that I want my foster family to be my forever family! Will you print my letter on your website so everyone in the whole world will know forever and ever?


Dear Jamal:

Because you asked me so nicely, I am printing your letter in my advice column (even though you weren't really asking for any advice!).

You sound like a very kind and sensitive boy; wanting to make sure that your first Mommy can still come to visit you when she would like, if the judge says your foster home can be your forever home. You also sound very happy in your foster home, and it sounds like your foster Mom and Dad love you very much and take good care of you. I am pretty certain that the judge will think about all these things when he decides if making your foster home your forever home is the right decision to make.

Since you did not ask me for advice, I will not give you any. I will just say that I hope everything goes well for you and your foster parents next month! I also wish you lots of joy, and a Merry Christmas with the people you love (sigh...even if one of them IS a PUPPY!).


P.S.: Your foster Dad is right that whatever we put on the Internet lasts forever, so always be careful what you publish on it!

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