Saturday, January 21, 2012

Husband Turns The Tables On Wife's Power Ranger Crush

Dear Tazi:

I started reading your column on the advice of a friend, and have been working my way through your "Past Missives of Great Import". When I got to the letter about the man whose wife is obsessed with Puss in Boots, I knew that I had to write to you.

My wife is also obsessed with a fictional character; in "Betty's" case, it is the Red [Mighty Morphin] Power Ranger. Betty is close to a decade younger than me, and grew up watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and "Jason" (that's the red Power Ranger's real name) was her first crush. Betty has held onto her Power Ranger fantasy and often delves into her childhood by watching reruns of the show, usually with a dreamy look on her face whenever Jason is on screen. Thanks to Netflix and OnDemand, Betty can get her fix pretty much any time she cares.

At first I was quite upset with Betty's obsession with "another man", but then I realized that she swooned over this Red Power Ranger not because of the way he fills out a Spandex® suit but for the qualities he embodies: bravery, loyalty, and chivalry. Seeing this, I realized that I often fell short in these areas. How often did I ignore my wife's requests to come kill a large spider for her? How many times did I leave her to make Sunday plans with her Mom because I was too busy watching the game on TV? When was the last time I held a door open for her or surprised her by taking her out to dinner for no reason other than she deserved a break from the kitchen?

For her birthday this past November, I surprised her by dressing up as the Red Power Ranger (the Spandex® did not look as good on me, but Betty did not seem to mind). I dashed into the house with flowers in hand, swooped my wife up in my arms, told her that I loved her and that
I wanted to be her hero! Since that day, I have made the extra effort to pay attention to my wife's needs, and have found that my needs are getting extra attention as well (*wink**wink*). As for the Power Ranger costume, let's just say it is being put to good use!

Jason's Replacement

Dear Jason's Replacement:

Thank you for sharing your story! In my original letter, I suggested that the husband work to embody some of Puss' more endearing traits. I am glad to see that such a suggestion can yield positive results. I just hope that your Red Power Ranger suit is not making too regular an appearance, lest your wife start to prefer you in it over regular clothing!


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