Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tazi Recommends: Blogging Disney - The Unofficial Blog For Everything Disney

Dear Readers:

Are you a fan of Disney Princesses? I'm more of an Aristocats fan myself; however, my Mommie's cousin is a HUGE fan, so in honor of her 5th birthday - which is this week - I am recommending:

Blogging Disney - The Unofficial Blog For Everything Disney

The author of the page does not self-identify, which is a pity because the site - and it is an entire site, not just a single-page blog - is amazingly well done, with numerous video clips and rich, full-color graphics that Disney is known for creating. The blog is set up with a categorical menu bar that runs across the top of the page, so readers can find blogs that match their targeted Disney interest - from finding their local Disney channel to finding the latest Disney Princess themed gaming apps (yes, they have them. They also have Disney Bridal, where the bride-to-be can view Disney-inspired wedding dresses! Who knew?).

Don't get me wrong - this site is not all about princesses. Whether you are looking to test your Disney movie IQ with the Disney Fairy Tale Quiz (I failed it!), catch up with the latest Disney theme park news, or even plan a Disney vacation (with or without the kids), Blogging Disney has something to offer all fans of everything Disney - and let's be honest: Who isn't a fan of the House of Mouse?

Speaking of the Mouse himself, at first glance the site seems to downplay Mickey and friends in favor of Disney's newer characters, but at the top of the page is a horizontal scroll of just about every Disney work ever created - from classic Mickey Mouse cartoons to the ever-popular Cars, so if you or your child are more into Buzz and Woody or Captain Jack Sparrow you, too, can find the latest and greatest on Blogging Disney - including information on the new Disney Broadway musical Newsies, based on the historically based 1992 movie of the same name! Overall, I would say that he site is geared towards...well, everyone! It covers not only Disney animation and Pixar Studios, but work by other Disney subsidiaries; such as ABC and ABC Family Channel programming, and even Marvel Comics, which Disney now owns - which also explains the recent rash of super-hero themed movies and merchandising (Wolverine cookie-cutter anyone?).

I suggest you drop that Sunday paper (it's time for my nap, and I want to sleep on it!) and head on over to Blogging Disney right now - if only to check out the synopsis and trailer of Disney Pixar's newest princess movie "Brave", an obvious response to the commercial success of Tangled; and a step in the right direction towards empowering princesses everywhere.


P.S. to MLM: A very happy 5th birthday to one of my favorite Disney princesses ever!

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