Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Visit A Vet On Valentine's Day

Dear Tazi:

I read your very touching Veteran's Day message, and was hoping that you could promote the Ann Landers' tradition of asking your readers to visit a vet on Valentine's Day.

Almost every country across the globe has military veterans who are living in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes where each day is exactly like the last. The monotony is draining to the spirit, which negatively affects the physical health and recovery process these brave men and women must endure in their efforts to get back to the lives they lived before the war(s) in which they fought. A visit from someone who is willing to take the time to say hello, to read to them, to listen, or to encourage can do wonders to break the cycle of sameness that can lead to depression. I know, because I was once a veteran in rehab; and a Valentine's Day visit from a stranger who took the time to come see me made a huge difference in both of our lives, and sparked a friendship that has lasted for many, many years.

A (Prematurely Retired) U.S. Marine

Dear U.S. Marine:

I have always been told "once a Marine, always a Marine", and I salute you for your service and sacrifice! I received your letter late, so I could not suggest sending cards as Ann Landers always did; but as a small token of my appreciation, I am pushing it to the head of my queue; printing it on Valentine's Day; and hoping that it reminds people to take time today to visit those who need our attention, but would never dream of asking for it: the brave men and women of our armed services. You heard the man, Readers! Please take the time to visit a vet today!

Snuggles to all,

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