Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tazi Recommends: Stuff White People Like

Dear Readers:

Happy Sunday! Have you ever followed a blog that was so successful, you didn't realize that it was a blog? That is the case with today's edition of Tazi Recommends... My Mommie and her pals have been reading this hilarious site for several years now; and only just figured out that it is considered a blog! I could make fun of her for that (all my food bowls are currently full) fact, I think I will; so, without further ado, I present to you

Stuff White People Like
by Christian Lander

Can Stuff White People Like still be called a blog? It has spawned a New York Times Bestseller based upon its posts, and recently released a new collection that is sure to be a bestseller, too. However, all original posts still appear in their online forum; so my vote is YES - Stuff White People Like is still a blog!

Judging from the title, you would think that you need to be a non-white person to learn and enjoy from Stuff White People Like, but nothing could be further from the truth! If you are a middle-to-upper-class white person - and you have a sense of humor - you will discover things about yourself that you never considered unusual, but has been making society raise its eyebrows at you for quite some time!

For example, Stuff White People Like #132: Picking Their Own Fruit. In most parts of the world, people who go out into the fields to pick fruit are called "migrant workers"; among white city dwellers, it is called "berry picking", and is done at a pace far more leisurely than those getting paid to do it. In fact, the biggest difference between migrant farming and berry picking is the fact that those who "berry pick" will pay for the privilege of doing it! Granted, they get to keep the berries (or other fruits) that they pick, but the price is still much higher than you would pay in the store. My Mommie is a huge fan of berry-picking; but if you ask her why she likes it, she can't quite explain. She just says, "It's relaxing and fun". I don't think the migrant workers would describe it that way...

Since we are already picking on my Mommie, I might as well continue in that vein - in for a penny, in for a pound as the British might say! Stuff White People Like #97 - Scarves describes my Mommie's wardrobe to a "T", and will have you nodding your head in agreement as you think about the young white person in your life and laugh along, regardless of your race, class, or gender. Note that I did not say "age", as well. For some reason, older white people get offended by this site. Maybe because they feel left out, since the site tends to poke fun at the habits of younger white people?

From a rant about Conan O'Brien (apparently, its white people that keep him on the air!) to Ugly Sweater Parties (which my Mommie swears were inspired by Colin Firth's wardrobe in Bridget Jones' Diary!), Stuff White People Like examines a microcosm of America whose faults and idiosyncrasies often go ignored.

Who would enjoy reading Stuff White People Like? The site has had over 88 million hits, so I would say that the readership range is pretty vast. I would have to recommend it to anyone who can laugh at themselves; because let's face it - not all "white" people are fair of skin! That's right, Montel Williams - I'm talking about you and your HealthMaster Juicer (also something white people like)!

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone! I am off to take a cat-nap!


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