Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fear Of Wednesdays Is Controlling Reader's Life

Dear Tazi:

My whole life I have had a problem with Wednesdays. If something bad is going to happen to me, it happens on a Wednesday. Would you like to hear a few examples? I have been in two car accidents in my life and both occurred on a Wednesday; when my husband left me he left on a Wednesday; my father died on a Wednesday; and last Wednesday I got fired from my job – for taking too many Wednesdays off of work!

Tazi, is it possible that this one day of the week is cursed for me? I have considered counseling to get over my fear of bad things happening on Wednesdays, but I am afraid that would just leave me unprepared for all of the bad things that are in store for me on Wednesdays. Do I need help? Or is my fear of Wednesdays healthy?


Dear Wednesday-Phobic:

It does seem that Wednesday holds bad luck for you, so I am printing your letter on a Wednesday in hopes that this little bit of happiness brings cheer to an otherwise feared day!

I can see why your employer fired you for taking too many mid-week vacation/sick/unpaid leave days during the middle of the week – but to fire you on a Wednesday? Did you receive any kind of warning that the next time you called out on a Wednesday you would be immediately terminated? If so, then you had a fair warning that something bad was going to happen on a Wednesday and could have prevented it from occurring. This is the key to avoiding bad luck: preparing for it.
If all bad things occur on a Wednesday, you must ask yourself if you are somehow inviting them to occur on that day. The fact that your husband left on a Wednesday is odd indeed. Most people who choose to separate from their spouses wait until the weekend to pack and leave. Could it be that your husband thought a Wednesday leave date would soften the blow of his departure, since you expected something bad to occur that day anyway?

There are those who scoff at the power of positive – and negative – thinking, but there are also those who swear by it; I fall somewhere in between, believing that it offers some control over what occurs in our lives. For example, in the wee hours of the morning, I know that if I stare at Mommie long enough and concentrate hard enough she will wake up and get me a kitty treat! Of course, if this does not work I am also positive that a good, loud, me-OWWWWWW will get her attention and me a treat.

Rather than approach life with a fear of Wednesdays try to look at the day as a challenge to be overcome. Professional counseling would be a very good idea to help you with coping mechanisms for when bad things do happen, and will help you to understand that the timing of some events (car accidents, your father’s passing) is simply coincidental and has nothing to do with a particular day of the week being “cursed”.


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