Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pet Fish Mysteriously Die; Is Family Member Responsible?

Dear Tazi:

I have a very expensive tank of tropical fish that I keep as a hobbyist. I went on vacation to Atlantic City this summer and asked my sister to care for my fish for me, leaving her explicitly written instructions for the feeding and care of my fish. When I returned, two of my most expensive fish (valued at over $50 each!) had died with no explanation. I was livid and demanded that my sister reimburse me the cost of purchasing new fish.

My sister has refused to compensate me for my loss, stating that she was truly sorry that they died, but that she cared for the fish exactly as instructed – without being compensated for her time, efforts, or mileage to and from my house. Tazi, she never asked for compensation; if she had I would have simply hired a professional to care for them while I was away. As it is, I am wishing I had instead of using the extra money to play the slots. At least then I would only be out the cash instead of the cash and my fish.

Tazi, don’t you think that my sister owes me the cost of two new Tropicals? She insists that I am being petty and that her costs make mine a wash; I say she never asked for compensation before agreeing to help me so she has no right to use her costs to offset her financial responsibility to me.

Out Two Fish And A Couple Hundred Dollars

Dear Out Two Fish A Couple Hundred Dollars:

To be completely honest (as if a cat could be anything else), no; I do not agree with you. I am sorry to hear that your fish died while you were away; but since they died “without explanation” they could have just as easily died while under your care. Your sister was generous enough to save you some money by stepping up when you asked her to care for your fish – for free – while you were away on vacation; to turn around and demand compensation from her is truly tacky. Could it be you lost a little more on the slots than you planned, and are really looking to make back your loss by way of your sister’s wallet? I feel a Paw Slap Of Disgust coming on, so I will end my response here before the urge gets out of control.

Too late…here it is.

Sigh...and i have been doing so well lately!
Oh, and my Lady Friend has something to give you, too…

My Lady Friend is a lot less tolerant than me...

You owe your sister an apology for demanding that she pay you for the loss of your fish, and an unconditional acceptance of her apology for the death of your fish. Just because someone expresses sympathies in the form of regret does not mean that they are accepting responsibility for the tragedy.

No Snuggles For You!

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