Saturday, December 1, 2012

EXTRA EDITION: A Red Ribbon For World AIDS Day

Dear Readers:

Today is World AIDS Day, a day to remember those who have passed from complications of the illness; a day to show support for those who are fighting the illness; and a day to reflect on how far research on the disease has come...and how far it has yet to go before a cure and/or vaccine is to be found.

If you know someone who is fighting the difficulties of living with AIDS, please wear a red ribbon as a public show of support.  If someone you love has died form complications of AIDS, please wear a red ribbon in memory of them.  I will even provide one for you here!

If you support the allotment of federal monies for AIDS research, please write to your Senators and Representatives and let them know!  Make your voice heard!  A simple email will do; there is no need to run naked through Speaker John Boehner's office!

Dateline 11/27/12, in the lobby of Speaker John Boehner's Washington, DC office
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Together, we can work to eradicate AIDS; together, we can help to heal those affected by this disease.


Today's column is dedicated to the memory of J.E.H. 8©3©1, dear friend...time has not filled the hole your passing has left in our hearts.  --T.K.

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