Monday, December 17, 2012

Low Self-Esteem and Twitter Not Always A Good Mix

Dear Tazi:

I have read letters in your column about people who get tired of Twitter updates every five minutes, and I am afraid I am one of those people - the kind who constantly tweet their thoughts, actions, and things that make them laugh.

I can't help it! I love to tweet! It makes me feel important to know that other people are reading what I have to say. You must understand this, don't you, Tazi? You write an advice column and tons of people read what you have to say! Don't you feel important because of that?

I just wanted to write so you could hear the other side of the story; I doubt you will print my letter because it is so short, but that's okay. I at least know that you will read it!


Dear Tweety:

I admit that I print a lot of long letters, but I occasionally print the shorter ones, too. Feel free to tweet that your letter appeared in my column, if that is what will make you happy!

It sounds to me like you suffer from very low self-esteem, and are tweeting to seek the attention of others. How sad. A better way to get noticed would be to get away from your computer and get involved in the world around you! Have you considered doing volunteer work with a local soup kitchen or a children's shelter? Places such as this are always looking for extra helping hands, and the good you will be doing will give you a new feeling of importance, gained through humility towards your fellow man - a feeling you cannot get through Twitter!

Oh, and to answer your question about whether writing this column make me feel important: I am a CAT! We always feel important because we KNOW just how important we are!

One day, we will rule again!  12/21/12 is coming!


Ask Tazi! is ghostwritten by a human with a Bachelors of Arts in Communications. Tazi-Kat is not really a talking feline.

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