Friday, December 21, 2012

Thank A Teacher On Twitter Today!

Dear Readers,

In the wake of recent events in Newtown, CT (USA) there is much talk of how the teachers were the heroes of the day; and they were. If not for their courageous leadership and quick thinking, the loss of life could have been infinitely worse than it already is. Since that horrific event, I have seen a great deal of Facebook postings from people expressing a desire to go back in time and thank their teachers for the difference they made in their lives; how their everyday heroism helped them to become who they are.

Obviously it is impossible to go back in time, and as time marches on so do our personal lives, taking us from  our childhood homes to our adult worlds, miles; states; and even countries away from where we went to school. Teachers transfer to other schools, retire, even pass away, making it difficult to trace them through our past connections. This, however, is no reason to give up on the idea of thanking those who have made a difference! This is why I am suggesting a Twitter campaign to thank the teachers in your life who have made a difference!

A few examples offered by my Mommie are:

Thank you Mr. White (Glen Hills/RI) for helping me to #overcome my #fear of #math. I am now a math tutor. #ThankATeacher

Thank you Mr. Weller (Western Hills/Cranston, RI) for being a moral guide, as well as a teacher. #ThankATeacher

The concept is simple: You write a short message (120 or so characters) thanking a teacher who made a difference in your life, stating their name; the name of the school and the city or state where it is located; and end the comment with the hash-tag #ThankATeacher.  Hopefully, enough people participate that the subject starts "trending", so word will get out and teachers will look know to look for their messages or those who know the teachers in question can pass the word on (since not everyone is on Twitter!).

This idea can only work with YOUR participation, and the participation of your Twitter contacts! If there is a deserving teacher you never got the chance to thank, now is the time to do it, before we cats put into action our plan to take over the world - I mean before the world ends at midnight tonight! (Sorry, just had to get in that reference to the Mayan calendar!).


P.S. My Mommie is demanding that I ask this: If anyone knows a teacher (originally) from Rhode Island named Frank C. White, please forward this column to him...the "thank you" above is very real.

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  1. Since I don't have twitter, I would love for you to send a huge thank you to quite a few teachers.
    My CCRI teachers I would love to thank are: Dr. Ralph Kreiser, Dr. Elizabeth Arendt, Dr. Patrica Wilhelm,Professor Steve Forleo, Professor Sasha Ruggeri, Dr. Arthur Little, Dr. Jackie Laxton, Mrs. Maddie Josephs, Mrs. Rose Tavares, Ms. Pam Forleo, Professor Joyce Melton, Professor Margaret Menna, Professor Roberta Humble, All the Math Lab professors at CCRI (Betty, Beverly, and Shirley)
    Then to all my Warwick Public School teachers: Ms.Nisa Sangiovanni, Mrs.Sharon Rix, Ms.Karen Moriarty-Monteiro, Mrs.Irma Raymond, Mrs.Jackie Hickey, Mr.Jack Griffin, Mrs.Audrey Shapiro, Mrs.Deborah Marot, and Mr. Fracaretta, Mr.Asplund, Mr.Millette, Mr.William Sheehan, Mrs.Marge Angilly, Mrs.Barbara Looby, and Mrs.Denise Lombardo
    I want to thank all of our amazing teachers out there. You all are heroes to us all.

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