Thursday, January 24, 2013

Addiction To Girl Scout Cookies Not An Uncommon Problem

Dear Tazi:

I read the letter from the diabetic who is addicted to Skittles, and I can relate, but I think my problem is much worse. I am addicted to Girl Scout Cookies. I usually eat several boxes of them in one day, just because they tasted so good.

Every year, I tell myself I will not buy any Girl Scout Cookies, and every year I buy more cookies than the last. I know what I usually buy several boxes of cookies from several different girls, this way nobody can see how many boxes of cookies I am actually buying. Last year, I bought 52 boxes, with the plan of freezing them so they would last through the entire year (one per week), since the cookies are not available year-round, but the plan did not work as I intended. Instead of saving the cookies, I ate all of them over a two day period and ended up hospitalized with dangerously high blood sugar (over 600 mg/dL). I am pre-diabetic, so I really need to work to make sure an incident like this does not happen again.

I am writing to you right now because I just placed an order for Girl Scout Cookies with my niece. I am embarrassed to say how many boxes I ordered; let’s just say she is well on her way to a camp scholarship, thanks to me. I would hate to cancel the order on her – especially if I end up breaking down and ordering them through eBay – but I need to overcome this cookie addiction! I do not feel this way about other types of cookies, just Girl Scout Cookies. Any ideas on how to help someone like me?

Tag-A-Long Lover

Dear Tag-a-Long Lover:

An addiction to Girl Scout Cookies is not an uncommon problem, but the extremes you are experiencing are, and deeply concern me. Since this year’s cookies are already ordered, I suggest you ask your niece to deliver your share to the local food bank, as a donation, so those who cannot afford to indulge in the godly goodness of Girl Scout Cookies can appreciate these sweet treats!

Next year, rather than order cookies from your niece, try to find a way to make a donation to her local Girl Scout Troop or to put the money directly towards her camp costs. If she is required to sell a certain number of boxes to be allowed to go to camp, feel free to go crazy with the ordering, but donate the cookies – if not to a food bank than to a local church or synagogue (GS Cookies are kosher!), which can use them in their food pantry or as refreshments after a meeting or for a coffee social.

Who doesn't love these?

You mention two things that concern me: your pre-diabetes and your dangerously high blood sugar (which could have induced a heart attack or stroke!) and the fact that you do not feel this way about other cookies (not even Milano cookies?). Being pre-diabetic is an issue you must take seriously! It does not man that you cannot have a cookie or two every now and then, but it does mean that you cannot indulge in a box or two at one time. 52 boxes in two days? seriously? Did you eat anything but cookies during that time? Were you dehydrated, as well?

Obviously, there is something about Girl Scout Cookies that sets off an emotional trigger in you, since you do not react this way about other cookies. Is it because they are not available year-round? Do they hold some special memory from childhood? I strongly suggest that you seek counseling to help with this emotional addiction. Knowing why you crave Girl Scout Cookies in such proportions is the first step to overcoming your addiction to them. Please write back once you have made progress towards this goal, and let my readers know how you are doing!


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