Thursday, February 21, 2013

Still "Undecided" College Junior Needs Guidence

Dear Tazi:

I am a junior in college and still undecided on my major. Pathetic, right? The problem is that everything I like to do (art, creative writing, and other liberal arts) will probably not lead to a good paying job upon graduation. The stuff that I enjoy that would lead to a good paying job (forensics, veterinary sciences) involve way too much math and chemistry, subjects that I would not touch with a ten foot pole. This puts me in a bad spot. I want a college degree that is going to be worth something, which is why I am not majoring in Communications (no offense to your Mommie), but I cannot figure out where my interests, abilities, and job opportunities will all come together (right now...over me!).

I went to my schools Career Services office and took a bunch of tests to see what kind of jobs I was well suited for, but the stuff that came back are jobs that I either would not want or don't make a whole lot of money - jobs like sales and copywriter. I could do these jobs without a degree! After two and a half years of college, I would like to finish what I started without ending up with a degree in General Studies or Liberal Arts. If I don't declare a major soon my school is going to declare me "non-matriculating", which would mess with my financial aid and put me last in line to register for classes. Can you think of a place where I will fit in academically and make money after graduation?

You Want Fries With That?

Dear You Want Fries With That?:

First let me say that a degree in Communications can be a good thing - if you take your classes seriously. It can lead to a multitude of career paths, including upper management when coupled with a graduate degree. At the Bachelor's level, you can enter the fields of marketing, media, advertising/promotions, event planning, public relations, and government and politics, just to name a few. Today's crop of Communications majors has its bad apples which have spoiled the reputation of this fine degree, but don't let that sway you from majoring in the field if Communications is what truly interests you.

Don't be this person. Just don't!

You mention that your interests are art, creative writing, and liberal arts. Have you considered being an Illustrator? Many publishing houses hire in-house illustrators for children's books (not all writers are also illustrators). You could strive to work as an Editor or as a Ghostwriter (not all who have a story to tell can write. Do you think Snookie does her own writing?). Marketing is another area that combines the interests you have mentioned. If fine art is your preference, a degree in Anthropology could lead to museum work. 

The results of career placement tests are only as good as the information you put into them; if your tests suggested none of the above careers or career fields, it is possible that you were not specific enough with your input. I suggest that you return to the Career Services office and investigate the types of careers available that match your interest and skills. Do not focus so much on the paycheck - unless you are entering a highly skilled field, such as Engineering, your starting pay will probably be nothing to brag about; remember, it is your average lifetime earnings that should concern you, and these will be based largely upon your success in the field, not your college major. In other words, follow your heart - it will lead you to the success you seek.


Ask Tazi! is ghostwritten by a human with a Bachelors of Arts in Communications. Tazi-Kat is not really a talking feline.


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