Saturday, June 22, 2013

Is A Bad Haircut Worth Ending A Friendship?

Dear Tazi:

I am out of work and short on money. My best friend is in hairdressing school and needed people to practice on for her upcoming testing. I thought we could help each other out by having her cut, color, and style my hair. It was a horrible, horrible mistake.

"Tanya" told me she was at the top of her class, but I am finding this hard to believe looking at the disaster that is my hair. The cut was lopsided, so she trimmed a little off the other side to even things out and only made it worse. Long story short, I now have a bob. It is stylish, but it s not what I wanted. I can, however, deal with it; hair grows back. My problem is the color.

I told Tanya I wanted to color my hair auburn. My hair is naturally a medium brown and I wanted to jazz it up a bit. Tanya applied the color, but I am not certain she mixed it right - she swears she did - and instead of auburn hair I have orange hair! I look like a giant carrot! Tanya insists that I must be using inferior shampoos and hair styling products and that any residual product in my hair must have reacted with the tint and voila! Orange hair.

When I saw the final look, I burst into tears. Tanya was insulted and told me that she worked hard on my hair and the least I could do was be grateful for the free cut and color. I kicked her out of my house and we have not spoken since. That was two weeks ago.

Tazi, I miss my best friend, but I feel like she lied to me and took advantage of me. A part of me wants to let bygones be bygones and a part of me wants to call up her hairdressing school and tell them what she did to my hair. I feel like i will only be saving others future misery, but losing my friendship. On the other hand, at what cost do I save my friendship with Tanya?

Carrot Top

Dear Carrot Top:

Have you thought to call Tanya's school and ask if Tanya's reasoning - inferior beauty products reacting with the tint - is reasonable; that this possibly could happen? I suggest you contact Tanya and offer the olive branch of peace - as you said, hair grows back. Is a bad dye job really worth ending the relationship with your "best friend"?

Is Cyndi Lauper the only one who can pull off this look?

I advise you and Tanya to go to her teacher - together - and explain what happened, with both the cut and the color. The teacher may be able to do something with your hair to tone down the color and make it more complimentary to your natural tones, as well as teach Tanya how to fix an issue like this should it ever happen again. You are not the first woman to get a bad dye job and you will not be the last. Try to remember that while wearing a hat to protect your face from the summer sun...and your hair from staring eyes.


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