Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tazi Reccomends: Unreasonably Dangerous Onion Rings

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It has been a while since I have done a blog review, but this particular blog is just too funny not to recommend! Similar to and The Onion, except that it points out the stupidity of all that is currently trending.

Unreasonably Dangerous Onion Rings
by Boy Genius of Colorado

The title alone grabbed my attention, and when I read the reasoning behind it - in short, asinine lawsuits that surpass mere frivolity - I knew I had to read on...

I came upon Unreasonably Dangerous Onion Rings (or UDOR for short) after seeing a post on Facebook about how a plant based diet is best for you humans. The post was poking holes in the idea of The Paleo Diet and making me laugh while doing it. I love when real science and scholarly research debunk the junk people try to peddle for a quick fix. As the article points out, not every diet works for everyone and you need to find the one that works for you. Maybe scarfing down a stick of unsalted butter in a cup of coffee is what is going to do it for one person but not another, but don't try and convince people that this is the shortcut to weight loss and perfect health.

After my initial introduction to UDOR I decided it was worth further exploration and I came upon Twenty Unintentionally Sexual Church Signs. Now, the goal is not to pick on religion or any denomination in particular, but when you put a sign outside your church that claims Psalms 16:11 reads "In your right hand there are pleasures forever" you deserve the fallout you get (especially since Psalms 16:11 actually reads You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore. KJV). The signs only get more and more perverse as they go on...some of them made me blush!


Since my new favorite insult is to call someone an @$$hat, I found A Study of @$$Hats to be particularly amusing, as it rated bad parking on a scale of stars from one to infinite, depending on how self-important the driver felt they were, judging by how inconsiderate their park-job was.

Finally, because I do love country music, I read this screed on why I should Never Take Advice From Carrie Underwood. I suppose when you dissect the lyrics to her songs she sounds even more bitter than Taylor Swift.

I have to warn you that some of the language in Unreasonably Dangerous Onion Rings is a little salty at times, but the Boy Genius even pokes fun of that, saying that "I talk to myself as though I am my grandmother talking to myself, except apparently she swears like a filthy sailor when I'm not around so perhaps this metaphor isn't especially accurate."

With convenient cateogry tags and well-developed arguments that make me laugh, I give Unreasonably Dangerous Onion Rings two paws up -   ("")  (""). I suggest you go visit it now, if you are done here, and leave the Sunday paper out to serve as my napping mat.


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