Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Question That Won't Go Away: Which Way Should The Toilet Paper Hang?

Dear Tazi:

I am having a stupid argument with my husband and we are hoping you can settle it for us. He says that the toilet paper roll should face under so the pretty pattern on it can show while I say it should go over the top so you can reach it easier and get more play out of it. I also say that not all toilet papers have a pretty pattern to see so his excuse does not hold water. Which of us is right?

Midwest Muddle

Dear Midwest Muddle:

I addressed this issue in my column once before, but I believe the late, great Ann Landers addressed it at least once a year so in her honor I will address it again: My opinion is that the toilet paper should hang in such a way that is it accessible to the person who needs to use it. This means that it should not be hung from the shower curtain rod or over the towel bar on the other side of the bathroom.

As a feline, my preference is to have in hung facing over the top so I can play with it, but I do not think this is what you meant when you said you want to get more play out of it.

This is how we do it, baby!

I am going to leave the answer to this question up to my readers. What is your opinion? Please vote below by choosing FRONT, BACK, or DOESN’T MATTER. I look forward to hearing what you have to say!



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