Friday, July 12, 2013

What To Do About Old, New, Borrowed And Blue

Dear Tazi:

I am horribly, terribly superstitious! I fear Friday the 13th, stepping on cracks, and saying “Bloody Mary” while looking into a mirror! I carry a rabbit’s foot and other good luck charms to ward off bad luck and evil. I don’t know if they work, but so far so good…

My problem is that I am getting married next month and need to wear “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”. Obviously, my dress will be new, but I am uncertain about the other three. My grandmother has asked me if I would like to wear her birthstone ring – an antique silver filigree and blue sapphire ring. She has said this will suffice as something old, borrowed, and blue…but I just don’t know! I don’t want to jinx my marriage by wearing a three-fer but I would like to take Grandma up on her offer. If the ring only counted as one item, which should I count it as – old, borrowed, or blue?

Wedding Blues

Dear Wedding Blues:

Do you really have this much time on your hands a month before your wedding, or are you using your superstitious beliefs to hide deeper feelings of uncertainty? I think this is the question you need to ask yourself before worrying about a wedding tradition that few are going to notice. However, since it is Friday and I am in a good mood, I will offer this advice:

Since your grandmother is still alive and is allowing you to borrow her ring, let the ring be your something borrowed; to call it “old” might be a little insulting to Grandma, even if she did use the self-deprecating description. For something blue, a lot of brides wear a pale blue garter instead of a wedding gown white one; you could do this and let your guests wonder where your something blue is until its time for the garter toss. 

Here you have the whole, tastefully done package!

Last of all, for something old you might want to consider a cherished piece of your own jewelry. If you have an item that was given to you by your fiancé this would fit the bill perfectly; otherwise a piece of jewelry from your mother can work nicely, too.


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