Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Child With "Unusual" Name Weighs In

Dear Tazi:

I was reading your article on parents who give their kids weird names, and I wanted to give you my opinion, since my parents did that to me. My name isn't as bad a “Pilot Inspektor” or “Blue Ivy” but it isn't something you will find in any baby name book, either. I am [a teenager] and can’t wait to legally change my name to a traditional family name.

I can understand why my parents (and others) gave me an unusual name. They wanted me to stand out and be noticeable in a world where everyone is trying to get noticed. The problem is that sometimes anonymity is a good thing. A person wants to stand out in a crowd for the right reasons, not the wrong ones. More importantly, I don’t think a parent has the right to force their child to stand out like this; I think if a child wants to stand out in a crowd it should be their choice, which they can consciously make at any time in their life. A baby can’t do that. If you want to nickname your kid something wild and crazy, go for it, but give them a chance in life by giving them a normal name. Not all of us want to work in Hollywood. Some of us want to work in normal jobs like Accounting or Engineering. Do you think anyone is going to take an “Apple” or a “Tallulah” seriously?

Thanks for letting me have my say, Tazi. You are one cool cat.

No Name In L.A.

Dear No name In L.A.:

Thank you for writing in about your first-hand experience of living with an unusual name. You give a voice to the subject that few people consider. While some people love their unusual names, the mail I receive on the matter tends to lean towards your opinion. Parents, take note…


P.S. I know a lot of people with unusual first names will go by their middle name. While I find “Blue Ivy” to be a bit awkward (sorry Beyoncé), I think “Ivy” is a strong and beautiful name for a girl.

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