Saturday, August 10, 2013

Husband Wants Take-Out While Wife Wants To Be Taken Out

Dear Tazi:

My wife and I are having an argument that we repeatedly have and I am sick of it. On Friday nights she likes to go out to dinner because she says she has worked all week and is tired and does not want to cook dinner. I see her point, but I have worked hard all week, too, and do not feel like getting dressed up to go out somewhere.

I have suggested we order take-out and have it delivered, but “Wilma” argues that it is not the same as going out on a date and that I have stopped showing my appreciation for her. I argue that we have been married for fifteen years and together for almost twenty and we really don’t need to go on dates anymore. Things get worse from there, all because she doesn’t want to cook dinner or have to worry about whose turn it is to wash the dishes if we order take-out! Can you give me a real zinger to use the next time Wilma starts this stupid argument? One that will end the issue once and for all?


Dear “Fred”:

How does this work for you? “I’m sorry dear; I know I have taken you for granted by assuming that you no longer need romance in your life. I know you are tired after a long week at work; so am I, so why don’t we order a pizza and pay-per-view tonight and tomorrow night I will take you out for dinner and dancing?”

Consider yourself zinged, and trust me; this response should end the argument once and for all.


P.S. In case you forgot, today is Saturday! Put on your dancing shoes, “Mr. Flintstone”!

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