Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tazi’s Corner #53 – An Honest Bully

Dear Readers: 

One thing that raises my hackles are celebrities who, for no other reason other than they feel like it, decide to start marketing their own products. I am not talking about celebrities like Nikki Hilton, who actually went to design school, but celebrities who feel that they know so much about something simply because they have experienced it; it’s like when an Honorary PhD suddenly wants people to call them “Doctor” and it makes me sick!

The target of my wrath this week is Jessica Alba and her Honest Company. Apparently Ms. Alba went and had a baby and could not find products organic enough for her bundle of joy and so she started her own company and now creates products that are a cut above mainstream baby products. Or does she? What sort of educational background does Ms. Alba have that allows her to create her products? Does she have a degree in Nutritional Science? A background in Organic (pun intended here) Chemistry? Or did she just slap her name on something she hired someone else to create for her, showing she had deigned her approval of it?

Now, personally I trust professionals like Dr. BenjaminSpock and Dr. John Rosemond when it comes to my child-raising advice, having none of my own to raise, but apparently Ms. Alba feels that she is qualified enough to tell people how to raise their children not because she has any kind of college degree in the subject or because she has raised twenty children of her own like the Duggars have, but because she has two babies and the kind of ego that you can only find in Hollywood. This may be the reason her Honest Company has felt the need to sue a successful “Mommy Blogger” in an attempt to steal the blog name (possibly for future use? I am speculating here, but babies do grow up to be cowboys, I mean toddlers…).

A few weeks ago PeopleI Want To Punch In The Throat broke this story, and since she is able to say it in words and ways that I cannot I am reprinting it here (with permission) so it can receive further exposure (even though she already has millions of followers) because this topic is something that affects bloggers – and the audiences who enjoy their work – everywhere!  For the full story of the Paw Slap of Disgust I am giving Ms. Alba, read on…


Honestly, The Honest Company is Getting on My Nerves

Have you heard about the fight that's brewing between Jessica Alba's Honest Company and the popular mom blogger Honest Toddler?

Let me break it down for you. Honest Toddler is a hilarious woman who tweets and blogs from the wickedly funny point of view of a toddler. Honest Company is a corporation that sells baby crap. (Not actual baby crap, but you know what I mean.)

Here's the she said/she said posts they've both written so you can follow along.

CLICK HERE to continue reading...


P.S. Here’s that paw-slap I promised…

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