Saturday, August 3, 2013

Time With Grandparents Can Become Cherished Moments, Memories

Dear Tazi:

I am twelve years old but my grandmother, who I have to visit once a week, still treats me like a five year old. A few weeks ago when it rained we saw a rainbow and she suggested we walk to where it ended to look for the pot of gold at the end of it. Duh! Maybe I would have believed that when I was a kid, but that is baby stuff.

“Gram” does all sorts of stupid stuff like that, like asking me what I want Santa to bring me for Christmas or if the Tooth Fairy gave me extra money when I lost my last baby tooth a few months ago. When I tell her to stop treating me like such a baby she tells me to stop acting so grown up and enjoy being a child. I am not a child anymore! I am going to be thirteen soon and wearing makeup and even going on dates! Why can’t my Gram see this?


Dear Belle:

I believe that your grandmother does see that you are growing up and that you are not a child anymore, which is why she is trying to hold onto that magical time when you were little and enjoyed taking long walks with your grandmother or snuggling with her and telling her you your secrets and dreams.

I suggest that you try and meet your grandmother halfway and indulge her when she suggests you follow the rainbow to its end; offer her a wry smile and say something like, “I doubt we will find my college fund, but a walk with my Gram sounds nice”. Before you know it the memories you make will be among your most treasured. You may be growing up, but your grandmother is growing older. It is written in the Bible that “no one knows when that day or hour will come” when the Lord will call us home (Matthew 24:36), so indulge your grandmother now and later you may discover later that you have actually indulged yourself.


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