Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Disney Wedding Is A Wish Her Heart Makes

Dear Tazi:

I have always wanted to go to Disney World, ever since I was a child. My parents never had much money, probably because I am one of eleven children, so our vacations were mainly “staycations” and I never got to go further than the community pool.

I am now in my mid-twenties and with the man I believe I will be marrying – “Jake” and I have talked about marriage, and we are quite compatible, right down to our love of all things Disney. I know that Disney has both wedding and honeymoon packages, and I would love to get married in the Magic Kingdom and then sail off into the sunset on a Disney Cruise. The problem is that Disney weddings limit the number of guests allowed in your package and charge a great deal extra if you go over the set number. I have gone over our finances and crunched the numbers and in order to have my dream wedding Jake and I would only be allowed to have ten people – total – at our wedding, and that includes us, the bride and groom. I wouldn’t be able to invite all of my siblings to be there for my big day!

I suppose I could have a Disney themed wedding, but I wanted the characters there at my ceremony and I don’t think my guests would be too thrilled to dress up as various characters for the day. I have thought about hiring a wedding planner for when the time comes, but that would take money out of my budget so I am going to have to plan this on my own. Well, along with Jake, but you know what I mean.

You have such great ideas, Tazi; your answer to the woman who wanted a Wizard of Oz themed wedding was perfect, and the letter from the woman who was upset about the Elf and Fairy theme wedding was also great. Do you have any ideas on how to put me on the right path to my dream wedding?

Hoping To Be A Bride-To-Be

Dear Hoping to be A Bride-To-Be:

First let me congratulate you on your good financial sense. A lot of people are willing to go into deep debt to pull off their dream wedding and end up starting off their married life arguing about money. I am no wedding planner, just an imaginative little kitty, but since Disney is a choice for many brides there is a lot out there for you to work with as you plan your special day!

Many women keep a wedding binder – even before they have met their Prince Charming! These binders are organized with everything from dress ideas to reception music, so starting one now would be a good idea; it will let you know how much you need to save, where you can splurge and where to cut back, and give Jake the general idea that you would be amenable to a marriage proposal!

Although they can be expensive, Disney has a line of weddingdresses based upon the dresses worn by their animated princesses – from Cinderella’s wedding gown (sigh…) to Ariel the mermaid’s bridal dress. If you are going to splurge on something, the dress is where to do it! Start saving!

Since you are going for a full Disney theme, why not have your bridesmaids dress up like Disney princesses; your groom as Prince Charming; and the groomsmen and his footmen or other leading male characters to match with the bridesmaids? Although it would be incredibly tacky to have the officiate dressed like Mickey Mouse, you can carry a “mouse ear” themed bouquet with Disney-themed ribbons and the reception can have an entire Disney theme to it – complete with life-sized cardboard cutouts of Mickey and the gang to a visit from the Mouse himself (you could hire someone to dress up like Mickey and greet your guests as they arrive or rent a costume and find a willing friend to do the honors). There are even Disney-themed wedding cakes, so you are covered there, too, and your music list can include songs from Disney movies – “Candle on the Water” (from Pete’s Dragon) is a beautiful love song; “Bear Necessities” (from The Jungle Book) is just plain fun!

Or you could take the low-road to Tacky-ville

An easy way to defray the cost of the wedding, so you can splurge in other areas, is to plan for a Friday night wedding or a Saturday morning event, avoiding the traditional (and much more pricy) Saturday evening. If you have a morning wedding with reception to follow you could serve brunch instead of dinner, saving on the cost of the overall menu while still providing a delicious meal and an enjoyable experience. I suggest you search for a few wedding planning and bridal websites that will help you with organizing your dream wedding.


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