Thursday, October 17, 2013

Germaphobe Crosses The Line Of Common Sense

Dear Tazi:

Cold and flu season is approaching, and I would like to keep my family healthy. We are taking daily doses of Vitamin C with rose hips, a multivitamin with zinc, upping our intake of foods rich in antioxidants, seasoning everything with fresh garlic, and using hand-sanitizer after washing our hands with soap and warm water.

I would like to refrain from shaking hands and hugging people during this time, but my husband says I am being ridiculous and he is not going to risk offending people – especially business contacts – by refusing to greet them in a customary manner. I have told him that if he refuses to follow this simple request that we will not be having intimate relations until the spring and that I will be sleeping in the guest room to ensure a minimal exposure to these seasonal germs. I do not want to alienate my husband, Tazi; in fact, the reason I am going so far to protect my health is that I would like to have another child and do not want to risk miscarriage due to illness. Can you think of a way to get my husband on board with things?

Temporarily Germaphobic

Dear Temporarily Germaphobic:

Can you see the major flaw in your plan? You do realize that suspending marital relations with your husband is a sure-fire way to guarantee that you will not get pregnant, right? While I can appreciate your desire to stay healthy, the steps you are taking to boost your immune system should be enough to stay healthy during cold and flu season; there is no reason to avoid physical contact with people who are quite possibly taking similar precautions against illness.

Is there a deeper reason for your fear of germs? Is there something you are not telling me? Have you or someone you know miscarried in the past due to illness? A few sessions with a counselor or a frank discussion with your gynecologist may help to alleviate your fears and put you on the right track to getting pregnant and experiencing a healthy pregnancy. While no pregnancy is guaranteed, proper medical care; a lack of stress; and healthy habits can reduce the risks of miscarriage. Good luck!


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