Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Non-Traditional Holiday Plan Can Make For A Fun Holiday Just The Same

Dear Tazi:

This year I am hosting a vegetarian Thanksgiving! I am not a vegetarian, nor are any members of my family; I just think that Thanksgiving has become a celebration of excess instead of gratitude and am trying to cut down on the foods my family gorges on the most - roast turkey, sausage stuffing, and anything with bacon and drippings on top of it.

My mother-in-law is insisting that I am crazy and that my Thanksgiving meal will be a complete flop without any kind of meat, and that the two lasagnas I am planning on making - meatless and veggie - and serving as the main dish was not what the Pilgrims ate. She seems to forget that the Pilgrims did not eat candied yams with marshmallows on top, either. My brothers-in-law are all talking about having a BYO meal because they can't imagine a day without meat, and my sisters are arguing that their husbands could all stand to go meatless for a few more meals.

Tazi, all I want is a happy, healthy, family-filled Thanksgiving. It's too late to change my plans can I make this day a success?

Meatless Holiday

Dear Meatless Holiday:

You can make the day a success by greeting each guest with a smile and the beverage of their choice; by cooking up a delicious lasagna and lots of tasty sides; by making sure that the football game is on TV; and by making sure that there are at least five different flavors of pie so everyone's favorite flavor is represented! You can make sure that the conversation between your guests flows freely and that the topics are kept light and non-confrontational. Does your family like to play trivia games? Put some trivia cards on the table and have them take turns asking questions. If you have old photo albums of holidays past, pull them out and let everyone reminisce upon holiday memories past. If you have a favorite holiday movie (I am fond of A Christmas Story) make sure that gets a showing at some point during the day.

"You'll shoot your eye out, kid!"
Holidays are a time to gather in the warmth of family and friends and to appreciate the blessings life has bestowed upon us. If you have friends who will be celebrating alone, invite them over to spend the day with you - I am sure they will be so appreciative of the invite they won't care that you are serving lasagna instead of turkey (which the Pilgrims did not eat, either)! While your method of curtailing the excesses is unique, it is yours so make the most of it! A good guest will grin and bear it and hopefully have such a good time so as to completely forget whey they were unhappy in the first place!


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