Friday, February 7, 2014

Man Likes To Wear Makeup. So What's The Issue?

Dear Tazi:

I am a 19 year old guy and I like to wear makeup. I don't go overboard with it, like I am trying to stand out and get attention, but I get stares anyway just because I am a guy. I generally wear a facial base to even out my skin tone and hide any blemishes; eyeliner to define my eyes; mascara because I have very long but light eyelashes and I like to show them off; and usually lipstick and matching liner to finish my look.

The way I see it is that men in theater and on TV wear makeup all the time to improve their appearance on camera, and whether people realize it or not we are on camera more often than not - from selfies to security cameras someone is always capturing us on film - so why shouldn't I make sure I look my best? Personally, I think it is sexist that women can wear makeup and nobody says anything about it. Women are encouraged to wear makeup and criticized if they don't! So why the double standard with men?

I am not gay or bisexual or even a cross-dresser. The most you could say about me is that I am metrosexual. Why do people find this so hard to accept?

Sick Of being Called "Faggot"

Dear Sick Of Being Called "Faggot":

There is more than one way to bend it like Beckham, and wearing makeup is one of them!

David Beckham, the original metrosexual

Makeup for daily wear - when worn by either sex - should enhance one's looks in such a way that a person cannot tell if it is being worn. Makeup for parties and evenings out is allowed to be much more dramatic, for its purpose is to say "LOOK AT ME!"

Although it could also mean that you are
a member of an '80's hair band
While you are correct that it is sexist to criticize a man for wearing makeup and a woman for not wearing it, it is not sexist to expect someone to present themselves appropriately, be it for work or school. In an office, men are expected to be clean shaven or to have their facial hair neatly groomed while women are expected to keep their faces as clean-looking as possible, which generally means wearing makeup that accomplishes some of the same goals you have - even facial tone with no visible blemishes; just enough color so you do not look like a corpse but not so much that you look like Tammy Faye Baker circa 1988.

Heath Ledger's inspiration for "The Joker"?

I suggest you put your makeup on as you usually do, and ask a trusted friend or two to give their honest opinion as to whether or not it is too much. Do you look more like David Beckham (above 1) or the guys from Poison (above 2)? While you may think you look fantastic - and for all I know, you probably do - your look may not be appropriate for either sex to wear to work or school. The fact that people can tell you are wearing makeup leads me to believe that you are being a little too exuberant with your makeup brushes.


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