Saturday, March 22, 2014

Child Needs To Learn The Cost Of Living Before Foisting It Upon Others

Dear Tazi:

My Dad is SO CHEAP! 

During the summer, when the house is like an oven, he refuses to turn on the air conditioner.  He says fans and open doors provide enough of a cross-breeze to offer relief and that the human body can self-regulate its temperature. 

During the winter, when it is freezing, he refuses to turn on the heat.  He tells me that cold is relative and that if I run outside without a jacket on the house will feel quite comfortable.  He tells me to put on a sweater or wrap up in a blanket.  I’d rather freeze than look like a tool.

I have asked my Mom to talk to Dad about putting the thermostat at a more comfortable temperature, but she tells me that “climate control is expensive and we are not made of money”.  Freezing to death or dying from heat stroke is expensive, too.  What do you suggest I tell my parents to get them to understand that that they are being a couple of [insult deleted]?

Never Comfortable

Dear Never Comfortable:

I suggest you tell your Mom and Dad that from now on, in order to facilitate your greater comfort at no additional expense to them, that you will be paying the difference in the energy bill every time you mess with the thermostat.  After one month you will find that the cost of a sweater or a blanket is costs far less than the additional oil/electricity/gas that you use to heat or cool the house to your comfort level. 

I am serious.  And I have nothing more to say.

No warmth-providing snuggles for you,

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