Sunday, April 6, 2014

Repost: Tazi's Corner #47 - For The Love Of Shoes

Dear Readers,

Today I would like to discuss a favorite topic of my Mommie’s: shoes! Like many women, she has a shoe obsession. I find this ironic because she never actually wears shoes unless forced; she prefers to walk barefoot, regardless of the weather or the season (she will walk through the snow to retrieve the morning newspaper while barefoot if she can’t find her boots!).

This past week, Mommie got a shoe catalog in the mail. She got all excited, said something about needing new shoes for work, and pounced on it like it was a mouse or a ball of yarn. She cooed over a pair of red shoes with white polka dots; looked longingly at a pair of purple wedges; and salivated over a pair of two-tone pumps when I gently reminded her that she is a Park Naturalist and spends her days climbing rocks and walking brush-strewn trails. I hardly think an “after 5” stiletto is the appropriate footwear for such a job and pointed to a practical pair of taupe colored Birkenstock sandals. Mommie just made a face at me and complained that she needed an office job, then went right back to her “shoe porn”.

She was Minnie Mouse in a past life...

How is it that she found shoes more fascinating than me, her dear little kitty? I decided to interview the women I know about their shoe fascination, and why they love shoes so much. The answers were quite reveling!

“I love shoes because my feet are the only part of my body that aren’t fat”

“I am short, so I wear wicked high heels to make me look taller” [Ed. Note to English teachers: In and around Boston, “wicked”, though grammatically incorrect, it our pseudo-adverb of choice].

“Due to my hip structure I will never wear a size 5 waist but I can still say I wear a size 5, thanks to my tiny feet!”

“For the most part, shoes sizes run true to size. You can’t say that about [women’s] clothes, especially jeans! It is just more fun to shop for shoes.”

“With shoes, I can express my creativity. I work in a very conservative office, so it’s all business suits, for both men and women. I could not imagine wearing a Betsy Johnson dress to the office, but I can wear her shoes!”

“Feet deserve a treat. They support the weight of our body, we walk around on them all day; they go through enough punishment, so why punish them further by making them wear ugly shoes?”

“I like bright colors, but I think if I bought a hot pink suit my boss would ask me if the circus was in town; a pair of hot pink pumps make a nice accent to a navy blue or black business suit, and they make a statement. That statement is [singing] ‘you can’t take that away from me!’.”

Just try to take these away from me!

“I am only 5’2” and when I wear flats people don’t seem to notice me or take me seriously; they think I am a kid. My high heeled shoes give me the height I need to get noticed.”

“I think I look sexy in nice shoes. I don’t care if I am the only one who thinks that; if I feel sexy, I feel confident and if I feel confident I look and act confident. Shoes are like therapy only better because they cost less and you can wear them.”

I was quite amazed at the variety of answers women gave for their love affair with shoes. I never realized how empowering the right pair of shoes can be to a woman! Although Cinderella used her shoes to catch a prince, it seems that women today are using their shoes for so much more! Bravo to you all! Maybe I should reconsider those taupe colored Birkenstock sandals after all.

Practical with a good sole, but altogether lacking soul...

What does the right pair of shoes mean to you? Share your thoughts in the comments section!



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