Saturday, April 26, 2014

Short Woman Prefers, Has Trouble Finding, A Shorter Man

Dear Tazi:

I have an unusual problem and I am uncertain how to approach it. I am only attracted to men who are shorter than me; the problem is, I am only 5-foot-2, which seriously limits my selection. I am not sure why I like short men; but I know I am not attracted to taller guys. I think it is because short men do not rely on their height to impress people and instead rely on their personality.

I have tried dating taller men, but nothing ever clicked between us; I really was not interested. Is there something wrong with me? Or is it normal to only be attracted to men of a certain height?

Five-Foot-Two and Eyes of Blue

Dear Five-Foot-Two and Eyes of Blue:

Many societies put a large emphasis on height, equating it with power. Here in America, there has not been a President shorter than 5’8” in almost two centuries (not since John Quincy Adams, who was 5' 7 1/2")! To be attracted solely to men of short stature is unusual in our society, but there is nothing abnormal about it.

Most people have a particular “type” to which they are attracted; just because you are attracted to a type that falls outside of the average does not mean that there is something wrong with you. So long as you are not discriminating against men solely because of their height, and it appears that you have not, I see nothing wrong with your preferences. In fact, I am prepared to receive emails from short men everywhere asking for your contact information!

If you are having trouble meeting men that interest you due to your height requirement, I suggest you loosen your rather stringent physical criteria – just as a man will have trouble finding Ms. Right if he insists she weigh no more than 110 pounds, your insistence that a man be no taller than 5’2” is going to limit your search for Mr. Right.


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