Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Special Father's Day Letter

Dear Readers: In honor of Father's Day I am reposting this letter from last year. Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!"


Dear Tazi:

I know that you usually publish blog reviews on Sundays, but this Sunday is Father’s Day, an oft overlooked holiday. I was hoping you would print my letter that day as a tribute to my wonderful Father-in-Law, who raised an equally wonderful son!


Dear Cheryl:

I was very touched by your letter and am printing it below, unedited and in its entirety! A Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Dads and Dads-in-Law out there!


Dear Dad:

I know you aren’t my father by birth, but you are my father through law and through love. When I first met your son, I was amazed by his politeness and charm. He was quiet and kind, not full of bravado like so many young men who are trying to impress a woman. As I fell in love with him, I could not wait to meet the man who raised him, knowing in my heart that he would be every bit as wonderful. I still remember the plane ride across the country to go and meet you – your son reassuring me the entire time about how much I was going to love his father, the man who raised him alone after his beloved wife passed away at a young age. I still remember feeling a little like Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents as you came to the door to greet us. Your gruff exterior belied the heart of gold that beat within your chest, as you hugged me hello; you told me to call you “Dad”, and welcomed me into your family.

I know I was not your first choice for a daughter-in-law – I could see that you thought me a little too much of a West coast woman for your East coast son – but you gave us your blessing to marry just the same. It has been many years since that day, and I cannot even begin to thank you for all that you have done for us – from flying to California to stay by our side after we were in a horrible car accident, helping us pack for our move to the East coast (after finally convincing us its where we belonged), surprising us with a down-payment on the house of our dreams that would have otherwise been out of reach, and teaching us all we need to know about household repairs. Your patient understanding as a caregiver, a mentor, a father, and a friend is more than any woman could ever dream of finding, especially a woman like me, who lost her father to divorce at a very young age. You have played so many roles in my life and I hope to have you with us for many years to come, as you pass on the lessons you have taught us to your first grandchild…who is due to make his appearance in December! Happy Father’s Day, Dad! You are FINALLY going to be a Grandpa!

Lots of Love,

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