Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tazi Recommends: Real Picnic Ideas

Dear Readers:

It SUMMER and the start of outdoor fun! With this in mind, I am recommending

Real Picnic Ideas

Picnics are a great way to gather family and friends for an outdoor meal, but so often is is tough to plan them! You need to think ahead about what kind of food to pack, remembering that certain foods get soggy/stale/inedible faster than others; you need to pack food that people - especially children - will actually eat; you need to pack things that will not sit in your stomach all afternoon, allowing you to jump right back into whatever activities were taking place before eating; but most of all, you need to pack food that isn't going to make a mess!

Real Picnic Ideas offers all sorts of ideas for successful picnicking! Most obviously, the site offers recipes for great picnic food - like a Mexican barbecue (several recipes in one blog!) or something as simple as sugar cookies. However, the site also offers great tailgating tips, links to and reviews of picnic backpacks and suggestions for seasonal outings that involve outdoor eating.

Real Picnic Ideas is a hybrid site - a personal blog run by someone whose family owns a picnicking supply site, so if you see products you just have to have, there are quick links to purchase information. Real Picnic Ideas is also chock full of detailed pictures, so you can view the projects, recipes, and trips that the blog recommends.

I suggest that you take some time to mosey through Real Picnic Ideas before your next outing, because I honestly believe you will find ideas to improve upon your good time - even of you are an "Over-Achieving Mom" (especially if you are an "Over-Achieving Mom"!) who seeks to create the kind of perfect memories for your child that will also result in all the other Moms turning green with envy.

That's it for this week - stay tuned for next week's Tazi Recommends... when I review an Over-Achieving Mom's Blog. It's AWESOME and I wish my Mommie had the time to do all the awesome stuff this woman does! Until then, I will be doing what I do best: napping!


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