Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Attractive Co-Worker Is Attracting Attention - And Rebuffing It

Dear Tazi-Kat:

There is a woman in my office who is a total b!tch. She comes to work wearing short skirts and tight blouses and then complains when guys hit on her and ask her out (I've enclosed some pictures of her so you can see what she looks like).

The guys at the office are all starting to think that she is only trying to nail the boss in order to improve her standing in the company. Should we let her know that the boss is gay? Or just continue to be frustrated with her "look but don't touch" policy?

Castrated Casanova

Dear Castrated Casanova:

Are you really castrated? Did your Mommie take you to the clinic and have your testicles removed, too? I don't really miss mine, since I was still a sexually immature kitten when I had it done. You seem sexually immature, too, but it sounds like you miss yours. Do you have Neuticles? My Mommie read me an article on them once, and I am dying to know what they are like!

Okay, seriously: I realize that you are using the word "castrated" as a metaphor, but you really do sound immature. Calling a young woman a b!tch because she turns you down for a date? Sheesh! The pictures you sent (which I legally cannot republish; because they appear to have been taken with a mobile phone camera, without her consent) show an attractive young woman wearing clothing that is somewhat inappropriate for the office - it appears to be Victoria's Secret catalog office wear - but it does not appear to fall within the realm of Human Resources sending her home. Speaking of HR, if her style of dress is inappropriate for your office, it is an issue for them to address, not you. If you find her style of dress distracting to the point you cannot do your job, then that is an issue you should bring directly to HR; not your co-worker. As an aside, I would like to mention that many companies have policies against co-workers dating; and even if they do not, many people have a personal policy against dating co-workers.

As for outing your boss because you think this woman is trying to sleep with him: I would seriously advise against this action. For one, your boss' sexuality is his own business. If he wishes to discuss it with this female employee it is his business to do so, not yours. If you find looking at this woman frustrates you, then discipline yourself to stop looking!

Perfunctuary Snuggles,

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