Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ed and Eleanor Offer 10 Tips For A Happy and Lasting Marriage!

Dear Tazi:

My husband and I are faithful readers of your column, and hope that you will continue to write it for many years to come!  We enjoy reading aloud to each other over breakfast (we have iPads) and take turns trying to guess what you will say – and if you will pull out your famous Paw Slap of Disgust!  Hubby and I especially love your relationships columns – the Elf on the Shelf on the Toilet letter is a particular favorite of ours – and we decided to write a list of rules for a happy marriage.  We are hoping that you will print them for us! 

Ed and Eleanor’s 10 Rules for a Happy, Lasting Marriage

1.       Occasionally, it is okay to go to bed angry.  A good night’s sleep can make for a different perspective on things.

2.       Never take your spouse for granted.  Tell them that you love them. Hold hands.  Hug.  Sit next to each other when watching TV, and not across the room. Compliment a dinner well made or a repair well done. Make them feel loved and appreciated.

3.       Keep both joint and separate money accounts.  Bill paying and savings accounts should always be joint; mad money accounts should be separate. 

4.       Know the difference between privacy and secrets.  Privacy is wanting the bathroom door closed while you are using it; secrecy is taking the telephone in there with you.  Respect each other’s privacy, but don’t keep secrets from each other.

5.       Work hard enough to make a living but no so much you can’t make time for a life.  A big house in the “right” neighborhood is nice, but not if paying for it leaves no time for each other and no money for a vacation.

6.       Don’t let the little things annoy you.  Raised toilet seats and un-starched collars are not the end of the world.  When your spouse is gone, you will surely miss these things, so don’t yell at them over it now.

7.       Treat your spouse like an adult, not like one of your children; act like an adult, and not like one of your children.

8.       Put the needs of your marriage first at all times.  The kids may want a Disney vacation, but the marriage may need a week away sans children.  Plan accordingly.

9.       Change the toilet paper roll when it is low/empty.  It is the little things we do that can make a big difference to the next person who comes along.

10.   Don’t over-communicate.  Sharing the highlights of your day makes it easier for your spouse to enjoy hearing about your day.

Ed and Eleanor

Dear Ed and Eleanor:

What wonderful tips for happiness and harmony!  I am printing your tips and am grateful for them because MY MOMMIE IS GETTING MARRIED! Whew! I have been dying to announce that!

I think this article should be printed out and taped to the refrigerator of every married couple in the world! I especially love Tip #10; many of the letters I receive must be edited for length and content (too much of each!). 

Readers, what are your favorite tips?  Do you have any to add? 


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