Friday, July 18, 2014

She Thought The Psychic Was A Liar; Now Wonders If She Should Pay Her After All

Dear Tazi:

I have a problem and was hoping you could give me some advice on it. About six months ago I went to a psychic who told me that I would be having a surprise pregnancy within a year. I was very upset at this prediction, told the psychic she was a fraud, and walked out without paying. You see, I am a lesbian. When I was married several years ago (to a man - long story!) one of the issues that ended my marriage was an infertility problem on my end. I was told by the doctors that my PCOS [poly-cystic ovary syndrome] would make it "difficult to impossible" for me to conceive.

About three months ago, while walking home from work, I was sexually assaulted. I did not report the assault like I should have, for fear of how I would be treated, being a lesbian and all. I live in a small town, and they are not very progressive here. Well, guess what? The psychic was right, after all! I have not been feeling right since the attack, so my partner finally convinced me to see a doctor. The doctor did a pregnancy test, and it turns out I am three months pregnant. My partner and I both desire children, and together we are working through the whole issue of how our child was fathered. This is not the problem, just the work-up to my question.

My problem is: Do you think I should go back to the psychic and offer her payment for the reading she gave me, along with an apology? My friends say that is she was a real psychic she would have known I was going to be assaulted, but I remember that she did say this would be a "surprise" pregnancy - and it certainly is! Her fee was not cheap, and I could use the money for my upcoming baby expenses, but at the same time I feel just a little bit immoral about not paying her for a prediction that actually came true.


Dear Mama-To-Be:

I admire your strength to get through the ordeal of your assault, and the fortitude required to carry your pregnancy to term. Although I am certain this is not the way you imagined becoming a parent, I am happy that this dream is coming true for you and that you and your partner are coping well with whatever emotional issues you are having.

As for whether or not you should return to the psychic with an apology and payment for services rendered: some "psychics" have a true gift, but there are also a lot of charlatans out there. Was the psychic you saw recommended to you by someone who has gone to her in the past? Do you feel that the remainder of the reading that she gave you was accurate and fair? Most importantly, did you storm out of the reading at the beginning, middle, or end, and how long was the reading supposed to last? Was it a scheduled appointment or a walk-in?

I think that you owe the psychic an apology, at the very least. Explain to her your sensitivity towards your fertility and why you reacted as you did. If your appointment was a scheduled one, you owe her for the full cost of the reading, regardless of when you left. If she is as good a businesswoman as she is a psychic, she will offer you the remainder of your reading time in return (if she has some un-booked time). If the reading was a walk-in - and you left within the first few minutes of the reading - I would offer the psychic an amount equal to the time spent with you. I am not sure what the value is in your town, but in my market in-person psychic readings generally cost $1/minute. If you were a walk-in but stayed for the entire reading, you owe her both an apology and the entire amount due. I realize that you need the money, but doing readings is how the psychic makes her living. Pony up!


P.S. I encourage you to report your attack, even if you do not wish to press charges. You obviously have proof of the assault, and can provide DNA evidence should another woman be victimized as you have been. --T.K.

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