Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tazi's Mommie Is Getting Married! Help Her Marry Debt-Free?

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Dear Readers:

I have some BIG NEWS! My Mommie is getting married! Who ever thought this day would come? Certainly not my feline pals, who were preparing to move in with us!

Koko! Frederick! Mittens! Mr. Darcy! I told you to wait until I gave the signal!

Statistically speaking, my Mommie had a better chance of hitting the Powerball jackpot than of ever walking down the aisle (see above pic - it's no joke)! If the Powerball had come through, I would not be writing this particular column!

Mommie has always joked that she never married because she "never met a man she couldn't picture herself divorcing" (until she met her fiance, that is!) but that is only half the reason. She also wanted to pay off her student loans so her husband would not be indebted! She was making great progress, when the recession hit and she returned to school to improve her skills (this advice column started out as a college writing project!). Since she already had a degree, the only aid she was offered were student loans. Despite her very high GPA, full scholarships were reserved to students without degrees. Mommie saw her loans as an investment in the future - the line that loan officers used to sell her - and is now discovering that this may not be the case! As many women before her have discovered, taking time out of your career for whatever reason can result in a hard hit to said career.

Complicating matters, Mommie has had to leave her full-time job due to a bully; now her fiance is the only full-income between the two of them! They are paying for their own wedding, and planning it on their own to save money. Just the same, Mommie had just about given up on her dream of marrying debt-free, until a small local business turned her on to crowd-sourcing. This business raised over $100,000 in just 30 days in order to keep their doors open; people from all over donated, with the hope of keeping a small business alive. Hmmm, I thought...would people do the same for my Mommie? Might they offer donations as a wedding gift for the cuddly kitty? I am about top become a step-kitty, you know!

Since Ask Tazi! is not a profit-bearing column, my Mommie receives no income for writing it; she does it for the joy of assisting me in telling humans how to act (which is, of course, more like a cat!).   One of the benefits of this column is that I can bring joy and laughter to humans; solace during hard times; a gentle paw of instruction or a full-fledged paw slap of disgust; and even get the word out when someone needs help or widespread attention to an important issue. I have never used this column for personal gain (well, except for a few extra treats in return for jumping off of the keyboard!), but I am now! The more Mommie has to pay towards her student loans, the less money she has for the treat and vet budget for yours truly!

And I am a high-maintenance kitty!
Will you do it? Will you help me reach my fundraising goal so I may reach my goal of Kitty Cat World Domination, um, I mean paying off my Mommie's student loan debt so she can marry debt-free? If so, click here. Meows of praise and front-paws up to all who assist! (''")  ("")


P.S. Donations through www.Crowdtilt.com are not tax-deductible! Remember, it will be considered a wedding gift!  --T.K.

Ask Tazi! is ghostwritten by a human with Bachelors degrees in Communications and in Gender and Women's Studies. Tazi-Kat is not really a talking feline.

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