Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bed-Wetting Can Put A Damper On Slumber Party Fun

Dear Tazi:

I am seven years old and have a problem that is not funny. I wet the bed. My best friend is having a slumber party for her birthday next month and I want to go, but I am afraid I will have an accident. My Mommy took me to the doctor to see if she could do anything to help, but the doctor wanted to give me medicine and Mommy said no. I cried on my cat, Fluffy Lady, until my eyes were all red and my nose was stuffy but Mommy still said no to medicine that could help. Could you convince my Mommy to let me take the medicine so I can go to the slumber party?

Potty Pooper

P.S. My Nana helped me to write this letter, but I did it almost all on my own!

Dear Potty Pooper:

It is no fun to wet the bed, but I want you to know that it is not your fault! Some children have small bladders that cannot hold a lot, or have weak bladder muscles that let go once the body is relaxed (like when you are asleep).

It was very nice of your Nana to help you write a letter to me! I am guessing that she would like to see you go to your friend's party, even if it means you have to take medicine, huh? This does not mean that your Mommy does not want you to go to the party; just that she does not want you to take medicine, because some medicines can hurt our bodies as well as help them - especially when we are little and still growing. It sounds to me like your Mommy is being very, very careful because she loves you so very much!

My Mommie used to babysit and nanny for a lot of different kids, and she told me that Huggies' GoodNights look just like real underwear and are made to help with bed-wetting. Maybe if your Mommie knows how much the slumber party means to you, she will buy you some to wear for this special occasion? Normally, I do not like to endorse products in my column ("endorse" is a big word for telling people to buy stuff), but my Mommie says GoodNights really work well! Dry beds in the morning, and no painful rashes, either!

Maybe if you and your Nana show your Mommy this letter, she will agree to this solution, and let you go to the party.


P.S. Please give Fluffy Lady a snuggle from me, too! She sounds like a very good pet to let you cry all over her!

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