Friday, August 22, 2014

Does "Ugly" Furniture Belong In The Man Cave? Readers, Share Your Thoughts!

Dear Tazi:

I am newly married, and I love my husband with all my heart; but I hate the furniture he brought into our marriage. "Derek" was a confirmed bachelor before he met me, and had a home that was all man - pool table, Foosball table, poker table, etc; as well as some pretty tacky looking furniture.

When we married, we sold both our houses and bought one that is "ours"; which thankfully has a finished basement with a large area that has been sectioned off as Derek's "game room". Most of his bachelor pad furniture is down there as well, with the exception of his upholstered New England Patriots recliner. It is the most hideous thing I have ever seen, and I am not just saying that because I am a Miami Dolphins fan. Unfortunately, this recliner is Derek's prized possession, and he insists on putting it in our living room. I have cried, begged, and threatened divorce proceedings; but he refuses to remove the chair from the living room, claiming there is no space for it elsewhere - with the exception of our bedroom, which I have already nixed.

Tazi, Derek has agreed to abide by the opinion of a neutral third party; which is why I am writing to you. Please tell me you agree with me that this recliner belongs in the man cave and not the living room!

Marino Fan

Dear Marino Fan:

In what colors have you decorated your living room? New England Patriots red, white/silver, and blue are primary colors; and can tastefully blend with many colors (with the possible exception of pastels). Are you certain that your team loyalty is not causing you to tread upon your husband's wants? It can be difficult to go from owning your own home to sharing home ownership - and space - with another, so I suggest you reflect on why you feel so harshly towards this particular recliner.

My personal opinion is that a sport-themed recliner belongs in the game room or the man cave; but then my Mommie - who feeds me, cleans my sandbox, and makes certain all my needs are met - is a raging Green Bay Packers fan, and as of this writing she is still a little sore about their losing in the playoffs while the local teams sails off towards the Super Bowl. Therefore, I am not certain that my opinion can be considered completely unbiased. After all, I want to eat tonight.

Readers, what is your opinion? Click Here to see a picture (and ordering information) of the New England Patriots recliner, and leave your thoughts in the Comments section - or take the poll on my Facebook page! In which room should the chair reside?


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  1. I am not a football fan but I would say in the livingroom where the TV is.