Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tazi Recommends: Fishing Fury

Dear Readers:

Do you like to fish? I have to admit a certain fondness for pawing at the koi whenever I meander past a backyard pond, so today I thought I would share the master of all fishing blogs

Fishing Fury
by Jonathon Marshall & Clive Mathias

This blog - which is truly a complete website, but it is non-commercial so it qualifies as a blog - is the place to find everything you have ever wanted to know about fishing products and gear - freshwater or saltwater - product reviews, humorous videos on the subject of fishing, contests where you can win fishing gear, and of course read and share stories about fishing!

Fishing Fury offers a vast table of contents, which is thankfully alphabetized, that includes the latest industry and recreational news, editorials on subjects of importance to fishermen/women, an events page, as well as individual pages for every freshwater and saltwater fish imaginable. If you can catch it, it appears that Fishing Fury has information on it.

The site is incredibly easy to navigate thanks to a menu of links, prominently displayed at the top of the page, that will take you wherever you want or need. The page advertising is minimal, non-invasive, and on-topic so while you are there you may find something else that is of interest to you, too! Even if you don't fish, the photo gallery is well worth your time, with pictures gathered from both readers and professional sites such as National Geographic.

Fishing Fury also has an extensive archive, dating back to September 2005 (the site is updated regularly, but archived on a monthly basis). It was in this archive that I found a feature story about my favorite type of fishing - noodling! Cats, as you may realize, lack opposable thumbs which makes it very difficult for us to bait a hook or hold a pole!

Just like an afternoon out on the boat, Fishing Fury will keep you occupied and entertained until you have lost track of the time. I highly recommend it!


Note how the baby cat is balancing his pole on his
tummy, due to the lack of opposable thumbs.
This form is bad for digestion and could result in a tummy ache!

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