Friday, October 10, 2014

"Victoria" Isn't The Only One With A Secret!

Dear Tazi:

I am a twentysomething Jewish man. I have a great job and a wonderful family. I love my girlfriend very much, and plan to marry her as soon as I have proven my worth to her family. My problem lies within the fact we are both strict and faithful Orthodox, and do not believe in engaging in physical relations before marriage. I have no problem controlling my desires towards "Sarah" because I love and respect her; my fear stems from the fact that I have a horrible secret I have been keeping in the hope that I can overcome the shameful habit I am hiding: I enjoy wearing women's undergarments.

Ever since I was a young boy, I have liked the soft feel of silk against my body. As a teenager I started earning my own money to purchase my own clothing, but could not afford the men's silk boxer shorts that I liked; so I started purchasing ladies silk panties, because they were less than half the cost and offered the same comfort I enjoy. Now that I am older, I make much more money and can easily afford to pay for men's silk underwear; but I feel it would be wasteful to spend so much money on something when I can get something similar - albeit considered inappropriate - for so much less money.

I do feel a little strange sometimes wearing female underpants but overall I am comfortable with my money-saving decision. I do not consider myself a transvestite, nor do I get a sick thrill from wearing ladies clothing. I just enjoy my comfort at a discount price. My problem is; I doubt my fiancé will feel the same way. Once we are married, I know she will discover my secret; but at that point she will be unable to back out of her commitment to me. However, if I share this information with her before we are married; I fear she will turn away from me. I will not enter a marriage that is based upon secrets and lies, but I am having difficulty reconciling my desire for comfort with my frugal upbringing.


Dear Shy...lock:

Your intentions towards your betrothed are admirable; your attitude towards money concerns me. I realize that men's silk boxer shorts can range from $25 - $50 a pair, which is ridiculously expensive for underwear, but appears that Victoria isn't the only one with a secret! (Sorry, but I couldn't resist saying that!).

One way to reconcile your desire for comfort with your frugal upbringing would be to learn how to sew your own boxer shorts. offers a pattern for men's "KwikSew" boxer-shorts that can be used to make many a pair of underwear in whatever fabric you desire - including silk, which is actually one of the fabrics recommended. They are not too difficult to make; and if she is interested, you and Sarah can learn to sew together. Sewing can be a fun and useful skill, and can save you a bundle on all types of clothing - not just underwear.

In the meantime, would recommend that you either ditch the ladies undies or come clean with Sarah about your dressing habits; because you are correct that entering a marriage with secrets does not a strong foundation make.


P.S. Chag Chanukkah sameach ve-shana tova!

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  1. not scratchy as some have said, my bf loved it! it is a bit long in the neck part but if your boobs are big enough it won't matter. very cute! I love barely there bikinis