Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Domestic Abuse, Nagging Not A Cure For Horrid Habits

Dear Tazi:

My husband has the nasty habit of drinking milk and juice directly from the carton. I have repeatedly tried to correct his habit, to no avail. I have tried buying a separate carton for his use while the rest of the family pours from a communal carton, but he didn't bother to differentiate between the two and drank straight from both cartons.

While preparing for a special brunch, I noticed that my husband had opened - and presumably drank from - a fresh carton of orange juice. I was fuming because i had told him not to touch it, that it was for our guests, and I did not have the time to run out and buy more (we live in a very rural area). In my wrath, I grabbed a bottle of powerful laxative powder and mixed it with the rest of the carton of orange juice. I had no fear that my children would drink it; they listen quite well when I tell them not to do something.

My husband proceeded to drink - from the carton - the entire jug of orange juice and spent the entire afternoon in the upstairs bathroom, indisposed. Later in the week, he saw the empty laxative powder in the trash and put two and two together. He has told me that what I did was "deviant" and that I owe him and apology, suggesting that my penance should be to stop complaining about how he drinks out of the carton. I have refused to apologize and told him that his bout with distress was his penance and that he needs to stop drinking out of the carton before it happens again.

It has been a week, and we are still not speaking to each other and the kids are starting to stress about it. If I apologize for drugging his juice, my husband will think that his behavior is OK, when it certainly is not. On the other hand, I do not want this petty argument to negatively affect my children's lives.

Grossed Out

Dear Grossed Out:

If you do not want this "petty argument" to negatively affect your children's life, why are you letting it have a negative affect on your marriage? Drugging your husband's orange juice may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but you acted in a fit of anger. Nobody truly thinks clearly when overcome by emotion. An overdose of laxatives can cause dehydration and other serious medical issues. Your "deviant" trick was actually a form of assault. For this, you owe your husband an apology and should possibly seek anger management counseling for yourself.

I do not suggest you let your husband's unsanitary behavior continue, but nagging him is not going to make him more inclined to do your bidding. In fact, quite the opposite is true; the more you nag the more he will indulge in the problem behavior. A simple and inexpensive solution to your problem would be to buy a pitcher for your refrigerated beverages. It is very difficult to drink milk or juice directly from a spouted pitcher, and downright impossible to drink it from a pitcher with a spigot.

How about this one? Something about it makes me smile!

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