Tuesday, February 10, 2015

To Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo?

Dear Tazi:

I would like to get a tattoo – something small and unobtrusive, like a rose or a rainbow or a heart on my hip or lower shoulder or somewhere else not easily viewed – but my husband tells me he does not like tattoos and would prefer I not get one.

I love my husband, and I appreciate the fact that he did not forbid me from getting one, because he has no right to forbid me that any more than I do to tell him to stop drinking beer, but I do not want to make him unhappy. Still, I want a tattoo. I love the way they look on the women I see when we go out dancing, and I want one of my own to peek out while I am out on the dance floor, too. Can you think of a way I can please myself and my husband, even though we are at opposite ends over this?

Line-Dancin’ Lynn

Dear Line-Dancin’ Lynn:

Since you don’t exactly know what you want for a tattoo or where you want to place it, I suggest you put this dream on hold until you are sure. In the meantime you can pick up a package of assorted temporary tattoos to get a feel for how one would look and where you might place it. Just be sure to tell your husband that it will wash off in the shower!

You need to remember that a permanent tattoo is a lifetime investment, so don’t get one unless you have some kind of connection to the design. If you do end up getting a real tattoo, I suggest that you find something with special meaning to both you and your husband; while your body is yours to do with as you wish, he is the one who has to look at it.


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