Saturday, April 4, 2015

Loose Lips Will Sink This Cheater's Ship!

Dear Tazi:

I have a co-worker who constantly calls out sick.  No one person can be sick that often, if you get my meaning.  It has reached the point where I can predict when “Arnold” will be calling out of work – usually a Monday or a Friday, and definitely the day before or after a holiday weekend, sometimes both days.  Using the month of November as an example, I can tell you that Arnold will be “sick” on November 12th (the day after Veteran’s Day) and the day after Thanksgiving, a day that we are required to work since we work the stockroom in a busy retail store.  We are supposed to work alternate weekends for overtime, but when Arnold is “sick” I have to cover for him, so I lose my free time.  The extra overtime really isn't worth missing time with my kids.

Arnold always has a doctor’s note to explain his illnesses, ever since the boss picked up on his sick day pattern.   I recently found out that Arnold’s “doctor’s notes” are actually forgeries!  I overheard Arnold bragging to a Salesgirl about how he created a fake prescription sheet on his computer, and that if she really wanted the day after Thanksgiving off he could provide her with a doctor’s note.

Tazi, I would like to tell our supervisor what I overheard Arnold saying, but I was on a smoke break when I heard it – and I am not supposed to be taking breaks to have a smoke!  If I have to explain to the boss how I heard I could get in big trouble, but it [makes me angry] that Arnold is getting away with something much worse and is trying to [cheat] the company in order to impress a girl.  I have a feeling that I already know what you are going to tell me to do, but I guess I have to see it in print before I can bite the bullet and do it, so what do you think I should do, Tazi?

Makin’ Good Money, But Got No Time To Spend It

 Dear Makin’ Good Money, But Got No Time To Spend It:

I am not one to condone cowardice.  I think that if you want to report your co-worker’s treachery that you should be courageous enough to report how you discovered this information – it is the only way your report to the boss will sound believable.  After all, how else would you explain overhearing this bit of information?  If you have proven yourself to be a solid worker you may be censured for taking an unauthorized break, but I doubt you would be fired; hard and loyal workers are hard to come by, especially for jobs that entail manual labor. 

IF you feel that even the smallest act of insubordination would get you suspended or fired, I then suggest you anonymously report your errant co-worker; whether or not your supervisor will take an anonymous report seriously is questionable, but at that point you will have done all you can to right this wrong.

The fact that your co-worker is bragging about his dishonesty may be what sinks him altogether.  Once more than one person knows something it is no longer s secret!  Supervisors and Managers don’t always say anything, but believe me when I tell you that they know most or all that happens in the store/department that they manage.  Little to nothing gets by a good manager; one way or another, Arnold will discover this.


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