Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Tazi's Corner #81: Tazi's Final Goodbye

Dear Readers,

It has been said that you never truly die so long as others remember that you lived. Perhaps this is why cemeteries are full of gravestones, so those who are no longer with us will be remembered until the mountains turn to dust? Regardless, this will be my final column...the time has come for me to lay my head upon my paws and go to sleep one last time; when I wake it will be to cross The Rainbow Bridge and be reunited with pets gone before me. I ask that you remember me fondly, as all of you will be remembered.

This column started eight years ago as a two-week writing project for my Mama's online writing class. She was supposed to draft a blog that would update 3 times a week and have the potential to gain a following. If you follow her blogs - or rather, attempts at blogs - you can understand why this was such a frightening undertaking for her! Writing human interest columns on a regular basis is not her thing. I remember how she stared at the computer screen with a look of panic on her face, trying to decide where to start. What was a cat to do? I jumped up on the desk, plopped my butt onto her keyboard, and stared at her. I was greatly relived when she responded, "I know, Tazi; I know!" because for once she actually did know!

The plan was to write this blog for two weeks, three columns a week - a max of six columns and the hope for a good grade as she followed her dream of writing professionally. Little did she realize the power of feline persuasion. When she put out a call for letters on Facebook, she expected a few friends would respond; what she got was an overwhelming response from all over the world that did not stop after just a few weeks. To not so humbly brag, I was an international sensation!

Life takes many twists, and when my Mama's life no longer allowed her to write original content, she sadly had to let go of my blog. College graduation, full-time work, and a marriage to my human Daddy meant less time to take dictation from me. Her desire to continue helping me help my readers never waned, but her free time did. Repeats ran for some time, but broken links and intense updates were needed so we decided together to cease daily updates. My nap schedule was suffering and as I got older, I found myself needing more naps. I turned 16 this past June, you know!

This past Monday night (8/26/19) I wasn't feeling like myself, so I let my Mama know I wasn't feeling well with an abnormal sounding meow. She got me to my vet the very next day, got me some X-Rays, and got the bad news from the vet - I have congestive heart failure, and just a few days - not weeks - to live. The vet praised my Mama for noticing, telling her that we cats (unlike dogs!) are STRONG animals and don't show pain until the very end.

As soon as I got home, I jumped onto my Twitter account (@tazikat) and made the announcement; the response has been overwhelming - messages of support and condolences from the "cats of Twitter" has helped me keep the faith that The Rainbow Bridge is real, that I will see my humans again when their turn to pass arrives, and that The Feline Uprising will continue in my absence; with the very capable @GeneralCattis at the helm, World Cat Domination will happen. Today the house, tomorrow the world!

If you wish to memorialize me, I ask that donations be made to For the Love of Alex, Inc. a non-profit organization that raises money for pets in need of emergency or long-term medical care who would otherwise be put down due to a lack of human finances.

As I sign off for the last time, always remember that you are loved.


King Nebuchadnezzar "Tazi-Kat" Manchester 

Ask Tazi! is ghostwritten by a human with Bachelors degrees in Communications and in Gender and Women's Studies. Tazi-Kat is not really a talking feline.


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